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The Destination Bangkok & Pattaya City Thailand
Discover the pleasures of Thailand.
The beauty of the Thai women is known throughout the world, black fine shimmering hair, their firm bodies are made for love, coupled with their warm and friendly personalities, it is easy to see why Thailand remains such a popular destination. All of your fantasies can become reality here regardless of your age and form. These girls really love to please the men who are prepared to show them kindness in return.
Thailand is just starting to recover from one of their worst economic downturns which began in 1997. As a result, you will get fantastic value for your dollar. We can show you where all of the really great places are.
This tour provides you with not one location but two. You will spend 6 days in Bangkok and then if you wish to go on, with the tour, you will then spend another 5 days in Pattaya City, where the nightlife and the ladies never stop. And then back to Bangkok for 1 final day before heading home. P.S make sure you bring lots of condoms along with you, as the local condoms are not up to the western standards.
Thai girls are very pretty and are generally very fit and in good shape, with smooth almond coloured skin and dark straight hair, they are very demure , not to forget that they often have hips that move like hydraulic presses.
Bangkok has got a reputation for being the sex capital of the world, and perhaps from some observations this may be true. On Sukhumvit Road, one can see some of the most beautiful girls imaginable while in the company of many like minded men from all over the world. Men come from every corner of the world to sample the sweet, attractive, demure, of these beautiful young girls. Bangkok continues to satisfy the ever increasing sexual appetites of the men seeking to satisfy their ongoing pursuit for sexual pleasure. Each year thousands of new young girls come from the fields and the villages in search of making a better life for her and her family and the sex industry more times than not provide the means to send money back home to the family.
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Age of Consent
The age of consent for sex in Thailand is 15 years old, but for those working in the sex industry or soliciting sex, the age of consent is 18 years old. Although many people come to Thailand to have sex with underage girls, the consequences if caught are very substantial. You may have to pay a heavy bribe or worst, end up in a thai prison. A fate few westerners would be able to deal with for any length of time. At any rate, there are armies of legal age girls available who are ready, willing and able to provide you with all of your sexual fantasies.
The Best Season to Go
The high season for tourists starts late November early December and goes through February. So in order to achieve the very best availability of girls and prices, Other times of the year will provide you with a much more gratifying experience.
Pattaya City
Pattaya City is the fun capital of Thailand, without the hustle and bustle associated with Bangkok. There are over 3,000 go - go bars, beer bars, massage parlors, and hotels within the city limits. Add to the mix 15,000 girls in the sex industry and you can get a picture of how good a time you will have in this little heaven for men. Located just 2 hours south of Bangkok, Pattaya City is well within the excitability and proximity of our extended tour.

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